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Adventure Princesses

The Big Creek Frontier


This is a 5 year program for Daughters from Kindergarten thru 4th Grades in school.  Recruiting and sign-ups start in the fall of the daughter’s Kindergarten year.   Each Daughter should sign up with their Dad or other significant adult male. (IE...Uncle, Grandfather, etc.)


Although we encourage the Father and Daughter to participate in all of the activities, it is not uncommon for a Dad & Daughter to only be able to attend a limited number of events.  This is encouraged as well.  Our organization prides itself on hosting numerous activities throughout the year in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.  The most important factor to keep in mind is that no matter how much time that a Dad and Daughter spend together, it is always Quality time.


This manual is written in order to support the information needs of the general membership of the Princess organization.  It will provide you with a wealth of information that will help you as you start your Outpost and participate in Princess activities.


Supporting this manual and explaining the governance of the organization are the Bylaws.  The Bylaws explain the structure, procedures, and practices of operating the Princess organization from a Frontier perspective.


As a new or existing member, if you have questions comments suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact any Frontier Officer and let us know what you think!  It is only by the support of the entire membership that we can keep the program alive and successful for future generations.



   The Officers of the Big Creek Frontier